International phonetic alphabet fonts.

Rolf Turner r.turner at
Fri Dec 13 01:42:41 UTC 2013

I apologise for the lack of articulateness in this question; I am
floundering a bit.  Basically --- how can I obtain a font which will
render the symbols of the international phonetic alphabet?

I tried "yum list font" just now (prompted by another posting on this
mailing-list) and got a catalogue of about a brazillion fonts, but none
that seemed to be related to the international phonetic alphabet.

Searching through this catalogue for "international" or "phonetic"
turned up nothing. Searching for "IPA" turned up:

> ipa-ex-gothic-fonts.noarch : Japanese Gothic-typeface OpenType font by IPA
> ipa-pmincho-fonts.noarch : Japanese Proportional Mincho-typeface 
> OpenType font
>                          : by IPA

which seem to pertain to Japanese rather than to the international phonetic
alphabet, so I don't *think* that these are anything to do with what I want.

A client for whom I am consulting in respect of statistical analysis of some
linguistic data tells me:

> The IPA font I used is called Ipa-samd Uclphonl SILDoulosL. I think it
> is one of the common available options in Microsoft, the other ones are
> Ipa-samm Uclphonl SILManuscript and Ipa-sams Uclphonl SILSophiaL.
But this is Micr$oft rubbish.  Is there any way I get an international phonetic
alphabet font for Fedora so that I can see my client's data on my machine?

BTW, I am (still) running Fedora 17.  Have not had the courage to upgrade to 18
or 19.  My system is running very satisfactorily (except for the font problem that
I am having) and I strongly adhere to the principle "If it ain't broke don't fix it."


	Rolf Turner

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