Strange Warnings on updating tonight (SOLVED)

Les Howell hlhowell at
Fri Dec 13 18:53:11 UTC 2013

Hi, guys,

	This may not link as a thread because I inadvertently deleted the
thread responses in Evolution, and I couldn't figure out how to find the
thread from the archives information (it might be helpful to put a reply
link in the archive stuff, for dummies like me.)

	It took a bit of digging, but once you guys said it was solved, I was
able to find the thread.  I used the command: "group_command=compat"
inserted into /etc/yum.conf, which apparently inhibited the messages.
Is there a better way?

	A question remains, though, even after reading through lots of stuff
about yum groups, knowing about the groups presented in the add/remove
software utility, and understanding enough to be somewhat dangerous in
software management, but not enough to be good, I do not yet understand
the utility of the group listings on the local machine.  I think it is
to automate the install/remove process for the group and utilities
involved, but I did not see that stated anywhere.  
	I did read the documentation on yum groups I found on Google, but I am
afraid it didn't help me personally very much.  If there is a "yum
groups for dummies" somewhere maybe that is what I need.

Les H 

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