Peter Lesterhuis peterlesterhuis at tiscali.nl
Sun Dec 15 14:18:03 UTC 2013

I installed QlandkarteGT (1.7.5)  in order to create a geotiff map out 
of a scanned tiff map.
I installed the rpm via yum on my fedora 19 system.
When I launch QlandkarteGT and try to convert a .tiff into a .geotiff it 
complains of
  lacking GDAL-tools: "can't find GDAL-tools in your path. Make sure you 
have installed GDAL and all related command line applications".
I looked for GDAL-tools in my system (rpm -qa | grep GDAL), but there 
seems to be nothing like that installed.
Is this a bug in the QlandkarteGT package, or am I overlooking something?


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