Fwd: Version upgrade from Fedora 17 to Fedora 20

Lars Poulsen lpoulsen at afar.net
Tue Dec 17 17:05:44 UTC 2013

I have been gradually updating my Fedora servers from a variety of
releases ranging to F14 to F18 to more current versions. In order to do
these as in-place updates rather than re-installs (which saves many
headaches) I have had to do this gradually. Most are now running F19
with one "pioneer" at F20. But one that started at F14 seems to be stuck
at F17, since F17 has been archived, and thus I cannot do "yum install
fedup" since the links in /etc/yum.fedora.repo are now invalid.

What is the best workaround? I know that once I have fedup installed, I
can go to F19 with a minimum of hassle (mostly the apache config file
restructuring, but that machine does not run apache anyway). Bu thow do
I get there?

- can I find the F17 fedup rpm in archive.fedoraproject.org and just
install it manually?
- can I update the /etc/yum.fedora.repo file to point to the archived set?
   (Can you send me a working file?)

Lars Poulsen
Afar Communications Inc

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