Fedora-20 beta -

Bob Goodwin bobgoodwin at wildblue.net
Tue Dec 17 19:57:56 UTC 2013

On 17/12/13 14:25, Joe Zeff wrote:
> Why be in such a hurry to upgrade?  Is being an early adopter that 
> important to you?  On the first day or so of a new release, the repos 
> are going to be slammed, just as the MS servers are on Patch Tuesday. 
> And, of course, there's always the few (we hope) bugs and glitches 
> that didn't get caught in beta-testing.  I always wait at least a 
> week, to see how things are going, and then I only upgrade my laptop.  
> My desktop, and main work machine, can wait until I'm sure that the 
> laptop's OK.  And, if I see large numbers of threads here and on the 
> various web fora about upgrade issues, I'll wait even longer, 
> sometimes skipping a version if it seems buggier than normal.  Of 
> course, I'm only responsible for my own boxes at home, and being 
> retired have no work boxes to consider, but I'd think that a little 
> bit of patience might be a good thing here.  YMMV, and clearly does, 
> but I do wonder a tad about what's the big rush.  (If you have a good 
> reason, such as a need for the newest version of something, of course, 
> that's different.  It's just the "change for the sake of change" 
> attitude that I don't quite understand.) 

Joe, if I must justify my actions, and I question that, there's no "big 
rush" it's just another form of amusement for me. I had been running 
F-20 in VMware and decided it worked well enough to use. The hard drive 
on which F-19 is installed was becoming too full. I installed a larger 
drive from an F-16 computer that failed several weeks ago and decided I 
would move my work into the larger drive, why not with F-20 beta which I 
already knew was good to go?" So here I am. I still have F-19 available 
on this computer if I mess up anything as well as having a second F-19 
computer configured to be like this one and can swap configuration files 
back and fourth as well as storing copies on an NFS server. The more I 
mess with this stuff the better my ability becomes at manipulating 
things and I solve most of the problems I create, only come here when I 
have to.


Box 10 Fedora-20b/64 XFCE Linux

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