another FedUp issue

Steven Stern subscribed-lists at
Tue Dec 17 22:07:01 UTC 2013

I wiped out the failed fedup (deleted stuff from grub.con and /var/tmp/)
and tried again with fedup from updates-testing. This time, I got errors
after fedup ran:

WARNING: problems were encountered during transaction test:
  broken dependencies
    libreoffice-pdfimport-1: requires
    libreoffice-core-1: requires
    ufraw-gimp-0.19.2-10.fc19.x86_64 requires cfitsio-3.340-1.fc19.x86_64
    gnome-shell-extension-xrandr-indicator-3.8.4-1.fc19.noarch requires
Continue with the upgrade at your own risk.

I think I'm going to put off a fedup to f20 for a while.

-- Steve

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