Fedora-20 beta -

Ian Malone ibmalone at gmail.com
Wed Dec 18 00:58:08 UTC 2013

On 17 December 2013 20:43, Joe Zeff <joe at zeff.us> wrote:
> On 12/17/2013 12:32 PM, Ian Malone wrote:
>> People with the time, resources and
>> inclination are more than welcome to run beta.

> And, as far as running beta goes, I have the time and the resources, but not
> the inclination.

Yes, I was trying to find a list that wouldn't put people off, but
does set out what's required:
1. 'Time' it's a limited resource and testing does take time.
2. 'Resources' is a bit vague, but for instance if you're running test
installations it's helpful to have another computer to download things
or look them up, or a good install USB to hand. Can also mean the
necessary knowledge to deal with the thing to test.
3. 'Inclination' you need to have a reason for wanting to do it. Mine
comes mainly from the fact I think it's easier to deal with things
earlier than later, I don't want to suddenly discover a problem when
it lands on me. I think this is actually an advantage of open source
rather than a disadvantage, end users get to see what's coming up and
what problems might affect them rather than getting a new release
dumped on them.


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