SSD Partitioning OP/Trim recommendations

John Obaterspok john.obaterspok at
Wed Dec 18 09:41:13 UTC 2013


I'm going to setup F20 with a new SSD disk (256gb Samsung 840 PRO) and was
wondering about best practices for Over Provisioning during partitioning.

According to Samsung docs (

*"With the introduction of the 840 Series and the reality of increasingly
complex NAND fabrication processes, however, Samsung has chosen to
implement a minimum amount of OP in its mainstream drives (the 840 PRO will
not feature mandatory OP)."*

Should I therefor make sure that I only fill up ~90% of the total disk with
partitions during install?
Then what about the -discard mount option to get the drive to trim deleted
data, Is this something I have to manually add?
Is it a best practice to add this or is it better to leave it alone or use
in some other way?

-- john
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