Smooth Upgrade

antonio montagnani antonio.montagnani at
Wed Dec 18 09:50:45 UTC 2013

Dave Cross ha scritto / said the following    il giorno/on 18/12/2013 10:21:
> Upgraded my Dell XPS 14z laptop from F19 to F20 last night using
> fedup. Everything went smoothly and within an hour I was happily using
> F20. Probably the smoothest upgrade I've seen between two versions of
> Fedora (and I've been using Fedora for ten years).
> Thanks to everyone who put time and effort into making the upgrade
> process work so well.
> Dave...
same here on an old laptop and a brand new laptop
Tnx everybody

Antonio M
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Linux Fedora F20 (Heisenbug) on Acer 5720

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