Weird gnome setup window in VNC virtual machine

Tom Horsley horsley1953 at
Thu Dec 19 01:38:26 UTC 2013

I installed 32 and 64 bit Fedora 20 virtual machines at work
today, using VNC video (since I have an old server that doesn't
know anything about spice).

After the install, on the first run the gnome setup tool
runs to ask a few questions about keyboard, cloud, etc.

In the VNC client, a black hole appears with the setup
tool window squished into 2/3 of the hole over on the
left side. I can't click the "Next" button to make
any progress until I discover that I should click the
button over in the black part of the screen where the
Next button would have been if the window wasn't

So far, no other app has acted like this. The Gnome
help app that pops up once I exit is drawn perfectly
normally, no squishing.

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