F20: system does not resume from hibernate

fedora fedora at ayni.com
Thu Dec 19 11:15:35 UTC 2013

Did you insert the RESUME disk (i.e. your swap partition) into your 
linux statement in the grub menu?

	linux	/vmlinuz-3.11.9-100.fc18.x86_64 
root=UUID=722d9f6f-867b-4c04-a340-ba3caa23c42f ro rd.md=0 rd.lvm=0 
rd.dm=0 vconsole.keymap=sg  rd.luks=0 LANG=en_US.UTF-8 


On 12/19/2013 08:10 AM, Ranjan Maitra wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been putting my F20 laptop to hibernate using systemctl
> hibernate: everything works fine, except that starting up has usually
> ended up doing a reboot and going to the login screen.
> What am I doing wrong? Note that I am using a commandline interface in
> exactly the same manner as F19 two days ago.
> Any suggestions? This (hibernate) is an important feature for me!
> Many thanks for any help you are able to give!
> Best wishes,
> Ranjan

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