f20 - gedit

Robert Moskowitz rgm at htt-consult.com
Fri Dec 20 01:05:16 UTC 2013

On 12/19/2013 07:45 PM, "Germán A. Racca" wrote:
> On 12/19/2013 09:32 PM, Robert Moskowitz wrote:
>> On 12/19/2013 07:16 PM, "Germán A. Racca" wrote:
>>> On 12/19/2013 07:22 PM, Robert Moskowitz wrote:
>>>> On 12/19/2013 08:35 AM, Alexander Volovics wrote:
>>>>> On Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 08:05:49AM -0500, Robert Moskowitz wrote:
>>>>>>> Confirm
>>>>>>> used dconf-editor instead to set the overrides and now those 
>>>>>>> entries
>>>>>>> appear within gedit.
>>>>>> What did you change?  I just went through all of dconf-editor listed
>>>>>> items and did not recognize anything to change that would turn on
>>>>>> settings/preferences in gedit let alone directly turn off word wrap.
>>>>> When you open gedit in Fed20 + Gnome-3.10 a gedit icon appears in the
>>>>> top bar. If you click on this and choose 'preferences' you will see
>>>>> under 'Text Wrapping' the entries: 'enable text wrapping' and 'do not
>>>>> split words over two lines'. Is this what you are looking for.
>>>>> I assume you are using standard Gnome-3.10 and not "classic mode".
>>>>> I know nothing about "classic mode" (don't use it).
>>>>> Is this icon not visible in your install?
>>>> Fresh install.  Have not applied the updates yet.
>>> Please, do it right now.
>>>> I see that gedit icon
>>>> on the top bar once gedit is running.  It has a down arrow right 
>>>> next to
>>>> it.  I assume that lets me switch between copies of gedit if more than
>>>> one is open.
>>> Why don't you try instead of assume? The down arrow is not for
>>> switching between different copies of the same application, but for a
>>> drop down menu. You should click on it to see its behavior by
>>> yourself, it is cheap!!
>> I DID try clicking on the arrow and nothing happened.  Since I only had
>> one gedit opened, I tried to figure it out.  Now that you say this is
>> what it does, I realized where I MAY be having troubles.  I am in
>> terminal, sued, and running gedit to edit the yum.conf.d files! So I
>> opened terminal regular and ran gedit & and sure enough it works and I
>> can set preferences no problem for ME and turn off word wrap.
>> But I cannot do it for root's use of gedit to edit config files.  :(
> You are right about this, because I opened /etc/yum.conf with gedit 
> using sudo and I'm not able to open the drop down menu. Maybe this 
> behavior is intentional, but I'm not sure.

So, I should give it a try and just put up with the wrapping. Afterall 
vi wraps, but actually does it smarter.

I can see why, as the top bar is running as ME and should NOT let ME set 
preferences for gedit as root.  But that begs the question on HOW to 
change the preferences for root.

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