reading/copying a drive??

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Fri Dec 20 08:09:04 UTC 2013

Allegedly, on or about 19 December 2013, bruce sent:
> Took a drive from an older FC13 system, put it in a usb drive bay to
> read from a centos 6.5 system
> centos sees the drive, but only reports the drive as 350 M free, of a
> 640G drive..
> centos doesn't show all the folders/files on the drive. I'm only
> seeing the vm/image files...

Does it have more than one drive partition, and you've only mounted one?

Are you the same user on the new and old systems?  Not the same
username, names are actually ignored.  You need the same numerical user

[tim at localhost ~]$ uname -rsvp
Linux 3.9.10-100.fc17.x86_64 #1 SMP Sun Jul 14 01:31:27 UTC 2013 x86_64

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