Faith based partitioning...

Tom Horsley horsley1953 at
Fri Dec 20 14:19:29 UTC 2013

I see the partitioning interface still hasn't improved in f20.
You still simply must go on faith that you might be allowed
to make the changes you want sometime after you press a
button labeled "Done".

I've been installing several different distros in virtual
machines recently, for an example of a near perfect interface
I'd point you to opensuse (I don't really like opensuse much,
but the partitioning interface is close to flawless).

Instead of relying on faith, it shows you exactly what
it would do in a summary at the top of the screen and
has checkboxes for the most common things you'd want
to change (separate /home or not, etc). As you click
the checkboxes, you see exactly what the partitioning will
look like in the summary at the top. No faith required.

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