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> > I had a lot of trouble with partitioning when installing F19 back when it
> > came out, but once I solved it I couldn't remember all the fine detail of
> > what was wrong with the interface, except that it was deeply unintuitive
> > and required me to close my eyes and press OK while hoping it would do
> the
> > right thing. Since most of us only do this once every 6 months or so, I'm
> > probably not alone in being unable to give a coherent report to BZ. Maybe
> > that's why it never improves.
> Agreed, but now that the points are fresh in your mind, and so is a
> good time to try and inform the developers in a cogent manner.

You misunderstood me (or I wasn't clear enough). I was talking about F19
and 6 months ago. I haven't installed F20 yet so I don't know what will
happen. When I do I'll try and make notes in case the same issues crop up
again, in which case I could conceivably report them to BZ.

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