Need hlep with LVM -

Bob Goodwin - Zuni, Virginia, USA bobgoodwin at
Fri Dec 20 18:57:12 UTC 2013

I have a new Fedora-20 installation on a "650 GiB" drive by itself. It 
is installed in less than 60 GiB's which leaves the rest of the drive 
unused, not what I wanted. I guess it preserved a /home partition for 
me? I certainly didn't want it to take up the remainder of the drive. 
I've been looking at man pages and googling and fixing this may be 
simple but I am having a lot of trouble understanding what  needs to be 
done. Is there a clear step by step set of instructions for fixing this?

Presently I have, from gparted:

/dev/sdb1, 2, and 3 are the the system I am using now, assigned by the 
install application:

/dev/sdb1    bios_grub    1.00 MiB

/dev/sdb2    Mounted on /boot    ext4    500.00 MiB

/dev/sdb3    lvm2 pv    Size: 57.58 GiB    used: 57.58 GiB    (100%)

The unused part of the drive which should be made part of /dev/sdb3:

Path:           /dev/sdb5
File system:    ext4
Size:           538.10 GiB
Used:           30.93 GiB
Unused:         507.17 GiB

The used part is /home from an earlier F-20 installation and can be deleted.

Any help appreciated,


Box10 Fedora-20/64bit Linux/XFCE

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