reading/copying a drive??

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Sat Dec 21 09:29:34 UTC 2013

Allegedly, on or about 20 December 2013, bruce sent:
> The drive in question has multiple partitions, but I was only trying
> to access the drive as a "raw/data" drive if that was/is possible.
> the sys monitor app lists the file systems for the drive as being:
> /dev/mapper/vg_dell45-lv_root       /
> /dev/mapper/vg_dell45-lv_apps     /apps
> /dev/mapper/vg_dell45-lv_backup  /backup
> /dev/mapper/vg_dell45-lv_boot      /boot
> /dev/mapper/vg_dell45-lv_home    /home
> so i assume in order to "see" the drive in the usb bay on the new
> system, i'd  mount the drive/partitions using the dir or devicename
> which would then get the actual partition/drive contents.

I think you've probably got your answer, by now.  But for the sake of
putting an answer with this thread, mounting LVM partitions requires
using the tools for LVM (type lv and hit tab in the command line, then
look up instructions for the various lv* commands it finds).  

This works somewhat differently than mounting ordinary partitions and
drives.  I'm not aware of a desktop that will let you simply plug in and
double-click on an icon to mount a logical volume, like you can with
ordinary volumes (flash drives, USB hard drives, etc).

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