wireless issue in F20

Bill Oliver vendor at billoblog.com
Sat Dec 21 18:03:22 UTC 2013

I just installed F20 KDE spin on my home laptop and am noticing a change in the NetworkManager.  The issue is this:

Local networks are discovered without a problem

Initial connection occurs without a problem


If the connection is dropped (the most common reason at home is that my wife turns on the microwave), the connection cannot be re-established (once she turns the damn thing off).

The network is discovered just fine, but it neither connects automatically nor if I hit the "Connect" button.

If, on the other hand, rather than having the network fail, I simply hit "disconnect" and then "connect," it connects just fine.

The workaround is easy -- if I turn off networking and wireless and turn it back on, it then connects again (until it disconnects again).

Oddly, nothing is getting written in /var/log/messages -- where all the networkmanager stuff was being written in f19.  I'm not sure where the .conf file is get it to start writing to /var/log...

So, two questions:

1) Anybody know what's going on?

2) Where do I find the .conf file to start getting debug messages in /var/log?

As an aside, I haven't set up virtualization yet, so there's no virt1, just em1, lo, and wlo1.

Thanks for any pointers.


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