Gnome login hangs F20 after fedup upgrade

David Highley dhighley at
Sat Dec 21 19:40:11 UTC 2013

We upgraded a test system to Fedora 20 using the fedup process. There
were 60 packages that were left from Fedora 19 after the upgrade that
were subsequently fixed by doing a yum distro-sync. Since the upgrade we
are not able to login into a Gnome session. We select the user in the
greater and it prompts for the pass word. After that it goes to the
grayed background and hangs leaving the user session in a hung state
where you have cursor control but the session setup does not get to the
point where you can select anything.

We have checked the logs and see nothing in the logs that indicate an
issue. The other change noticed is the monitor never goes to sleep when
the greater screen is active.

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