ipv6 breakage

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wolfgang.rupprecht at gmail.com
Sat Dec 21 20:22:03 UTC 2013

IPv6 under f20, f19 and f18 has been rock solid for me this past year.
Now in, the last few days, yum updates have brought some lossage that
requires a periodic reboot to get IPv6 connections to the internet back.

I can't immediately see what the problem is.  The outward-facing
interface still has the same IPv6 address it has had for many months.
The ipv6 default route still points out internet-facing interface.

"ip -6 neigh show" shows only STALE and FAILED transactions.  Seems like
one of the latest yum updates pooched the neighbor discovery stuff.

     [wolfgang at arbol ~]$ ip -6 neigh show
     fe80::201:5cff:fe32:7741 dev p32p1 lladdr 00:01:5c:32:77:41 router
     fe80::a60:6eff:fe74:6fe2 dev p34p1 lladdr 08:60:6e:74:6f:e2 router STALE
     fe80::20a:cdff:fe21:7513 dev p32p1  router FAILED
     fe80::1 dev p34p1 lladdr 44:94:fc:73:cf:43 router STALE
     2001:558:6045:22:4c99:1c47:4456:b031 dev p32p1  FAILED
     2601:9:a00:1f:9221:55ff:fe66:1b5 dev p34p1 lladdr 90:21:55:66:01:b5
     fe80::4694:fcff:fe73:cf44 dev p34p1  FAILED
     fe80::9221:55ff:fe66:1b5 dev p34p1 lladdr 90:21:55:66:01:b5 STALE

(p32p1 is the outside, internet-facing interface, p34p1 is the inside
local lan-facing interface)

Is anyone else seeing this?  Surely I'm not the only one running f20 on


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