Just got my Crucial M500

Chris Murphy lists at colorremedies.com
Sat Dec 21 21:01:08 UTC 2013

On Dec 20, 2013, at 10:36 AM, Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com> wrote:

> but, it was advertised as 256GB, and on the packaging it says 240GB.

240GiB is actually 257GB. So report the results from lsblk. It reports in GiB.

My Samsung 830 reports 256060514304 bytes, which is 256.1GB, or 238GB.

> Then I put it on a SATA USB adapter and look at it with the Disks utility. It reports 240GB.

I'm pretty sure Gnome Disks reports in GB, not GiB.

Either the discrepancy is GiB vs GB, or it's accounting for overprovisioning. Presumably somewhere on the box or documentation they say this, or I think they'd get into trouble for false advertising and this isn't their first day at the rodeo when it comes to that so it seems doubtful they'd want to do it all over again.

Chris Murphy

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