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On Dec 21, 2013, at 1:53 PM, Ranjan Maitra <maitra.mbox.ignored at> wrote:

> The unfortunate fact in all of this is that the old GUI for the old
> anaconda was just fine and exactly what you would expect. I find it
> particularly galling that a new partition can no longer "fill all
> available space"

If this is the last mount point you create, it's made as large as possible by not entering in a size value. Or you can enter a value greater than the value reported as "Available Space" in the magenta box, lower left corner.

> (as used to be avalable) for instance and we have to
> type some value in the hope that it will be accepted (it is not
> always). As an example, I had 14 GB left for my root and no matter what
> number I typed, the partitioning took it to be set at 10GB.

Probably because it wasn't a contiguous 14GB. I've not recently (since F18) seen it fail to allocate what you ask for, if it's contiguously available. The "available space" amount shows all unallocated space, including non-contiguous space. So it's possible for that value to be greater than the largest possible size for a regular partition.

That's why for standard partitions, "fill all available space" is a misleading choice and it's best it's gone. Hypothetically, non-contiguous portions could each be made PVs, added to a VG, and then you could make an LV of any size up to the maximum truly available since LVM can use non-continguous extents since it presents them as contiguous to the file system. But in practice, the installer won't actually create such a layout, and that's probably a good idea also because even though it can be done, it's complicated and thwarts the allocation mechanism of the file system, better to just fix the problematic existing layout.

Chris Murphy

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