Security/Hacked System - Now what?!!

bruce badouglas at
Sun Dec 22 00:36:26 UTC 2013

For sake of discussion, assume a fresh base desktop install of the OS

After doing the install from the iso(s), you install :

You then go through the services, and disable any services you don't need/want.
You then mod SSH as required to disable root login

OK, what else should you do?

Regarding rkhunter, is it simply a process to allow you to detect if
anything "file" has been changed, so you can then go back to the
previous backup?

Are there any linux apps/services (ala what's on Windows) to
"detect/prevent" rootkits/being hacked?

I've looked over a bunch of webdics/articles, and thought it might be
useful to have a thread on this here, as I'm currently going through
this process.

Thoughts/Comments Welcome


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