Upgrade stops after "Mounting /boot"

Sam Varshavchik mrsam at courier-mta.com
Sun Dec 22 17:35:27 UTC 2013

Sam Varshavchik writes:

> Trying to upgrade F19-F20 using fedup --iso with luks-encrypted partitions.
> The upgrade stops after "Mounted /boot", and does not proceed, no further  
> errors. Nothing appears to be running.
> I did run into bug 1043981, and applied the patch to fix fedup barfing.

… aaaand, this looks like a bone-fida bug with fedup 0.8. Multiple LUKS- 
encrypted partitions are a problem. After rebooting, a prompt gets issued to  
unlock the root LUKS partition. Then there's another prompt issued to unlock  
/home, but that prompt gets lost, and the boot continues with the systemctl  
jobs stuck in 'running' state. Things don't get very far before everything  
stops, due to the stuck systemd job.

Documented in bug 1045864. Temporary workaround noted.

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