F20 in VirtualBox VM

Ed Greshko Ed.Greshko at greshko.com
Mon Dec 23 01:57:05 UTC 2013

On 12/23/13 07:58, David wrote:
> On 12/22/2013 6:07 PM, Ed Greshko wrote:
>> On 12/23/13 06:40, David wrote:
>>> You guys are making this much, much more difficult than it is.
>> Not really.
>> The OP is using VBox from the Oracle site on F19 and is wanting to run F20 in a VM and he can't get it to install.  Others, including myself, have had no problems.  So.....trying to help find the reason.
> Hi Ed,
> I did not mean to be 'nasty' here. But? I often see people that *think*
> that they know a lot or people that actually *do* know a lot confuse
> Newbies, either to Linux in general or some program, with all kinds of
> (he ducks under the desk here) *Geek Speak!*  Do this!!. Try this!! Try
> that!! All written in *Geek Speak!* to a Newbie. IMHO? Sometimes, many
> times, the *Geek Speak!* folks make things too hard. Think about it.
> Two possibilities. PEBCAC or his hardware. My guess would be the first.
> Newbie stuff. Whic is in now way bad. Everyone has to start somewhere.
> But First question? user experience? Second? What hardware? there are
> others. They depend on the answers to the first ones.
> Virtualbox is the most thoroughly documented program I have ever since
> ever. The "Help File" is a searchable PDF. If 'your system' can read a
> PDF and if 'you' can read and comprehend all will be revealed. But? Once
> again it is written in *Geek Speak!*.
> Honest. Read the 'help me' question. Is it a Newbie or 'knida Newbie' or
> 'I think I know what I am doing' question. And then> Don' everyon jump
> on him/er with tons of suggestions.
> Ya' think?

The OP is not a newbie.  He has stated that he has run VBox "since forever" and that F20 works fine in virt-manager. 

The last significant post from the OP would indicate he has it running under virt-manager and is not concentrating on trying to find a method to convert VBox VM's to run under virt-manager.

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