fedup and selinux

Rick Stevens ricks at alldigital.com
Tue Dec 24 17:48:38 UTC 2013

On 12/24/2013 01:42 AM, Bill Murray issued this missive:
>    Dear all,
>      I had trouble persuading 'fedup --network 20' to run on my f19
> laptop.  It install all the files and gets ready. Then it boots and gets
> as far as:
> [ OK ] Started trigger flushing of journal to persistent storage
> [ OK ] Started Forward Password Requests to Plymouth
> [ OK ] Started Forward Password Requests to Plymouth
> [ OK] Started Recreate Volatile files and Directories
> There are then 3 lines of selinux permission denied. But no problem,
> selinux is set permissive anyway.
> Earlier on I see 'dracut-initqueue[400] failed to issue method call:
> Access denied'
> However, when I add selinux=0 to the command line..installation proceeds.
> This is very odd - selinux was in permissive mode.

I've said this before and I'll say it again...permissive mode does NOT
allow ALL access (permissive != disabled, despite what others may say).
If you see selinux deny messages, it's still being denied. I've seen
this bite people a number of times.
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