Auto OS Install Process

bruce badouglas at
Thu Dec 26 14:01:46 UTC 2013


In order to do an OS install, you need to have an external media to
start the install process. This media provides a "base"/small system
that you can then use to do a larger netinstall, or a larger update
process to get the drive/system setup the way you want. All of the
larger system install data/packages/etc can come from the http/net
install process.

In most (all) cases I've seen, the process is then to take/remove the
CD from the system, followed by a restart, where the system OS on the
drive then gets invoked.

So this process requires some manual interaction.

Here's my question:

Is there a way to do the same basic process, except to always leave
the CD in, and to then be able to "switch" the system, so it "knows"
which media to install from.

If this can be done, one can setup a system with a basic cd that will,
when run, create/start the basic OS install, but then not be used any
other time... This could allow for an auto/programatic approach to be
able to do a remote/auto OS install.

Is there any other way that this might be accomplished?



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