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Thu Dec 26 17:21:27 UTC 2013

Hi Bruce,

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Now some comments...

On Thu, Dec 26, 2013 at 10:14:52AM -0500, bruce wrote:
> What I'd really like is the ability to set two partitions
> PartitionA - base/minimal OS
>   -used to just do a netinstall to setup partitionB with the real OS, and
>    the actual system that's going to contain the VM
>  -when this partition is invoked, it automatically does a netinstall to
>   set up partitionB
>  -after doing the netinstall, the process then resets whatever is needed
>   to then boot into partitionB
> PartitionB - complete/full OS, along with all the rest of the system/env files
>   -created by the netinstall process from Partition A, the minimal install/OS
>   -has the ability to also do a "netinstall" to reinstall the OS for the
>    partition A OS
>  -has the ability to set the system, so the next reboot, it goes into
> Partition A

>From what I understand you expect on partitition dedicated for
installation of other partitions.  I do not understand why you need
that.  Kickstart files offers you a completely automated way to install
from disk images on local disks, over the network, and repositories.
You can put your image on a partition, and treat that as your
PartitionA.  You could then use different kickstart files to setup
systems with different customisations.  Doesn't that work?

I maybe missing something, maybe you want to do this remotely.  In that
case it should still be possible, but you would need a separate "command
& control" machine for that.  I believe many vendors like Dell, IBM
offer such solutions.  I have personally seen a Dell system with 10 real
servers being installed & setup this way.  If your setup is at home, you
could repurpose a old machine for this purpose.

Hope this helps,


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