dual boot test

Edward M edwardm1 at live.com
Fri Dec 27 23:56:17 UTC 2013

On 12/27/2013 3:15 PM, bruce wrote:
> The principle reason for doing/testing dual boot is to have the
> ability to be able to do a remote reinstall for a fresh OS on a remote
> box. If you know of a way to accomplish that, I'm more than willing to
> hear it!!
> Everything I've seen regarding doing reinstalling of OS, requires
> having access to the box, with fresh media.
> This is really intended to allow me to detect if the "base/master"
> system has been hacked, and then to immeadiately switch to the minimal
> OS/system, which would then invoke a netinstall for the hacked
> system/OS to have a clean system.

      Please excuse me for late to the party(discussion)

       I'm not understanding, Are you saying if you suspect your main 
install is compromise you can simply reboot into the second
       OS installed on the same computer? if that is case, my opinion 
is,  the second os can also be compromise and forensics analysis of the 
       system would need to be done, for example, reconstructing a 

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