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On Dec 27, 2013 4:15 PM, "bruce" <badouglas at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Chris.
> Thanks fo.r the reply
> .
> The principle reason for doing/testing dual boot is to have the
> ability to be able to do a remote reinstall for a fresh OS on a remote
> box. If you know of a way to accomplish that, I'm more than willing to
> hear it!!
> Everything I've seen regarding doing reinstalling of OS, requires
> having access to the box, with fresh media.
> This is really intended to allow me to detect if the "base/master"
> system has been hacked, and then to immeadiately switch to the minimal
> OS/system, which would then invoke a netinstall for the hacked
> system/OS to have a clean system.
> So, the test is to have a dual Centos process, which is what I'm
> looking to implement right now.

I am perpetually curious about this process. How do you intend to invoke a
net install from a minimal installation?

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