Auto suspend/spin-down idle disk

John Obaterspok john.obaterspok at
Sun Dec 29 12:17:52 UTC 2013


I have a SSD disk as system disk and a:
- HDD as backup drive that is used a couple of times each week
- HDD as media disk that is perhaps used a couple of times each day

I've tried to set the spindown to 1 hour of being idle via gnome-disks.
Problem is that it never spins down.

- I've verified that it spins down via hdparm -y /dev/sda
- I've also set the smartd check interval to 5h (smartd_opts="--quit never
--interval=18000") in /etc/sysconfig/smartmontools
- Disks are mounted with "type ext4 (rw,relatime,seclabel,data=ordered)"

Any hints on how I get the disks to spin down?

-- john
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