Reverse E-Mail Blockage.....

Heinz Diehl htd at
Sun Dec 29 16:53:15 UTC 2013

On 29.12.2013, Tim wrote: 

> But you don't trust it enough, not to check...

No. Because email loss is strictly not acceptable. I always check back
manually. CRM-114, once trained, is pretty good, and it takes no more
than 10-15 secs to see if there's "real" email amongst all the spam.
It's a lot more comfortable for me than sorting out/deleting all the
spam in my inbox.

> If I had to check up on it, I don't consider it trustworthy.  And,
> probably more to the point, it's an extreme annoyance when you email
> someone, and their crappy anti-spam software falsely classifies your
> email as spam.

Yes, it is. Thus, I read my spam-folder daily.

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