Updated to 19; now kernel panic on boot. No log

Chris Murphy lists at colorremedies.com
Mon Dec 30 16:38:59 UTC 2013

On Dec 29, 2013, at 5:11 PM, Sean Darcy <seandarcy2 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Updated to F19, kernel-3.12.5-200.fc19.x86_64.
> On boot I get a kernel panic around [2.2]. The trace that's on the screen is about smp, timers, hpet. Can't read quickly enough to see what actually happened.

The kernel panic halts the startup process, or it continues to startup? If you have shell access, use 'ip addr' to determine if you have network access. If not insert and mount a  USB stick. Then use 'journalctl -b -o short-monotonic > /mnt/journal.log' to write out the journal for the current boot to the USB stick. Then you can reboot to the working kernel and post it, or if you have network access you can use 'fpaste <filename>', which if successful will return a URL which you should note. Then post that.

> /var/log/messages has no log of the kernel boot. Shouldn't there be one?

If the kp happens early and halts startup, then no, because rootfs is still mounted read-only. 

> I can boot with the F18 kernel. syslog there shows logging started right at boot:

Logging starts in any case right at boot, but it can't be made persistent until the volume the log is to be written to is mounted rw. And that happens well after the kernel and initramfs are running, after udev initalizes, and after several dracut stages have executed, systemd has spawned a whole bunch of start jobs, including fsck based on fstab, and then after fsck completes you get a rw mounted /sysroot.

Chris Murphy

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