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Mon Dec 30 18:30:27 UTC 2013

On 12/29/2013 11:59 PM, Roger wrote:
> On 12/30/2013 03:08 PM, Eddie G. O'Connor Jr. wrote:
>> On 12/29/2013 10:53 PM, Joe Zeff wrote:
>>> On 12/29/2013 07:37 PM, Tim wrote:
>>>> In the past, I've emailed friends, and my first or second posting has
>>>> gone into their spam bucket, without them doing anything about it.
>>> I have a friend who's email service sporadically bounces my email.  
>>> Why?  Because I own my own domain, I use my hosting company's email 
>>> servers instead of my ISP's and a small number of their customers 
>>> are spammers.  Whenever their spam gets above a certain threshold, 
>>> her ISP blocks any email access from those servers, and cuts us 
>>> off.  This is why I dislike blacklists: they're just about 
>>> guaranteed to produce at least 99% false positives because they're 
>>> just an exercise in throwing the baby out with the bath water.
>> Well this is all fascinating to me. I'm not using a mail server, just 
>> trying to keep the size of my Inbox down, since the more spam it gets 
>> the fatter it gets as well....I will be looking into all 
>> possibilities regarding this matter. I can now see that the "Allow In 
>> Just what I want & Block All Others" is the more sensible way to go 
>> about it...instead of trying to block what seems like millions of 
>> different email addresses that sometimes have the same email in it.!!
> I don't know if this may help but there is another possibility.
> Much of my Inbox spam/annoying garbage emails used similar words such 
> as BANK, DEAR, Poor Widow,  Best quality drugs, FDA approved, and any 
> emails written in all upper case, and so forth.
> I set up 3 filters, Adverts, Scams, Stuff  and in those set the 
> Subject, From, Body and To  to Contains, then matched any of those to 
> regularly occurring  2 or 3 word groups then set Delete from Server 
> then Send to Trash. I have gone from hundred and more a day to almost 
> none coming through, any that do are in the trash and are deleted on 
> exit.
> I found, by matching to a small group of words rather than one word 
> then setting [Match any of the following] it has reduced garbage 
> emails very significantly.
> I do sometimes let the ANZ, Westpac, National bank scams through but 
> that is so I can report these to Telstra/Bigpond and let them and the 
> bank handle it.
> Occasionally I get scam/spam which after searching seems to come from 
> a genuine overseas web site. In that case I send the salient part of 
> the code to the web site admin and let them deal with it.
> Roger
Now THIS sounds more like what I can do!...I mean it's not that I want 
it to be perfect, but to have to sift through _so_ many junk mails just 
to get to a REAL one?..I sometimes open my email client and sit for 25 
minutes or MORE just hitting the "Delete" button! I swear if EVER I find 
the person who invented spam?...I'm gonna hit him with a whiffle-ball 
bat! LOL!


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