My fedup upgrade from F18 to F20, or "When Sendmail won't start"

Tony Nelson tonynelson at
Mon Dec 30 19:45:59 UTC 2013

I have upgraded my system from F18 to F20 with fedup.  Last year I
upgraded from F16 to F18 with preupgrade and fedup, and it did not go
well.  This time was much better.

The boot option to upgrade did not appear until I rebuilt the grub2 menu

    grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

I should note that grub2 was not properly configured to its current
of modules, even though all packages were up to date (including grub2
and grub2-tools), and:

    grub2-install /dev/sda

was needed to fix that.

After the upgrade, sendmail would not start.  (Actually it would start
but was then stopped.)  This turned out to be a problem with usrmove
from the F16 to F18 upgrade.  All of it had been done except the move of
/var/run/ to /run/ and /var/lock/ to /run/lock/.  Systemd was OK with
this on F18 (I don't know why) but not on F20.  Booting single-user
(append 1 to kernel command line) and then:

    cp -an /var/run /run                        # probably unneeded
    cp -an /var/lock /run/lock                  # probably unneeded
    rm -rf /var/run ; ln -s /run /var/run
    rm -rf /var/lock ; ln -s /run/lock /var/lock

fixed the problem and sendmail started properly after that.

It all didn't go quite this smoothly, and next time I will burn a live
cd before upgrading.  (I did eventually get the xfce spin.  The Midori
web browser really doesn't work, so I had to get elinks in order to
search and browse the web from the live cd.)

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