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Peter Skensved peter at jay.Phy.QueensU.CA
Mon Dec 30 23:42:04 UTC 2013

> No, I'm not trying to build a proper mail-server.
> I collect email on my server from various (remote) mail-servers.
> This is then processed by postfix/amavis/clamav/spamassassin .
> Spam is marked by addition of [SPAM] or ***Spam*** to the Subject header,
> as well as addition of several other headers.
> As I understand it, the email is then passed through dovecot(?),
> to ~/Maildir/cur/ .

    Dovecot just does pop/imap _after_ the mail is delivered to mbox or Maildir/...

 A simple way to do things is postfix->procmail->spamassassin . It works on a per
user basis the . And you can tweak spamassassin to sort by score :

 With a bit of training ( sa-learn  --ham mbox  /  sa-learn --spam spam   say 
once a month ) you quickly get down to a few false positive/negative per year.
All the configuration is done in .forward and .procmailrc

Not sure how to do it with Maildir though ...

> This must be a standard setup.
> So how normally is spam dealt with, at this stage?
> You seemed to be suggesting that it could be dealt with earlier, by amavis?
> Or it could be left to the client MUA, KMail in my case?
> What is the norm?
  Ah - but there are so many "standards" .......


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