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Timothy Murphy gayleard at alice.it
Tue Dec 31 00:43:11 UTC 2013

Joe Zeff wrote:
>> I'm really puzzled by the fact that none of the CentOS documentation
>> I have looked at deals with what seems to me a rather important step
>> in processing email.

> Why should it?  There's nothing about the process that's specific to
> CentOS.

It is a part of the postfix/amavis/clamav/spamassassin amalgam,
which as far as I can see is now considered the standard CentOS setup,
and which is well documented in the CentOS wiki.

It just seems curious that what seems to me an important part of the setup
is not described in the same way.
As I see it, if you tag spam then you must want to do something with it.

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