GNOME questions on fc20

Alex mysqlstudent at
Tue Dec 31 18:27:25 UTC 2013

Hi, I have fc20 installed successfully on my desktop.

How can I configure the clock at the top to show the date? Why would
it be so difficult to do such a simple thing? I googled a bit, and saw
a reference to editing dateMenu.js, but the suggestions didn't work. I
can't believe I'd have to edit a text file to adjust the clock?!

I get the whole thing with not being able to (easily) minimize
applications. I know I can also switch between them with alt-tab. I
also know I can select them from "Activities", but that's an extra two
steps. Is there any way to "dock" apps like we used to be able to, so
I can select them with the mouse to choose between them?


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