GNOME questions on fc20

Steven Stern subscribed-lists at
Tue Dec 31 18:30:32 UTC 2013

On 12/31/2013 12:27 PM, Alex wrote:
> Hi, I have fc20 installed successfully on my desktop.
> How can I configure the clock at the top to show the date? Why would
> it be so difficult to do such a simple thing? I googled a bit, and saw
> a reference to editing dateMenu.js, but the suggestions didn't work. I
> can't believe I'd have to edit a text file to adjust the clock?!
> I get the whole thing with not being able to (easily) minimize
> applications. I know I can also switch between them with alt-tab. I
> also know I can select them from "Activities", but that's an extra two
> steps. Is there any way to "dock" apps like we used to be able to, so
> I can select them with the mouse to choose between them?
> Thanks,
> Alex

Use gnome-tweak-tool. ON the "top bar" tab, select "show date" The
"windows" tab lets you minimize windows.  Look at the various gnome
shell extensions.  Go here to get
extensions that will let you add a dock and do other things to make the
desktop friendlier. I use the "dash to dock" extension, as well as "top

-- Steve

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