looking for xv. [SOLVED]

Bill Mattison wcmattison at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 10 16:00:20 UTC 2013

On 07/09/2013 10:35 AM, William Mattison wrote:
> (Fedora-18; 64-bit; all desktops)
> On my old Redhat-9 system, I had this great tool "xv" which I used quite
> often to "colorize" raw weather satellite images.  It made doing that
> very easy, especially with the three GUIs that let me graphically vary
> the red, green, and blue intensities independently using the "RGB
> Modification" graphs in the "color editor" window.  But when I launch
> the "Software" tool on my system and look for xv, the only thing I find
> is actually just a short script to launch the real xv.  How do I get xv
> for my 64-bit Fedora-18 system?  Or does Fedora-18 come with something
> else with the same functionality?  If yes, what?
> thanks,
> Bill.

1. With some off-line help from Ed Greshko, I got xv installed and 
working.  I thank Ed for his help.  I hope that the strong (super?) 
typhoon heading towards that area does not cause him and his family 
significant trouble.

2. I also tried the Gimp as per Matthew Miller's suggestion.  I found 
the functionality that I believe he's referring to.  The Gimp seems to 
insist on making the adjustment a curve rather than a straight line. 
I'll have to find and read the user's guide to see if those single 
channel manipulations can be made straight line segments.  The built-in 
help did not address that, at least not that I could see.  While the 
Gimp might not be able to do what I specifically want for weather 
satellite images, it sure looks useful and powerful for other kind of 
image and photo manipulation.  I thank Matthew for his help.


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