fresh installation fails

Patrick Dupre Patrick.Dupre at
Fri Mar 1 21:59:16 UTC 2013

Quoting ven, 01 mar 2013 Roger <arelem at>:

> Maybe it's a faulty download.

I would that it is so, but I checked twice the DVD (on 2 different
machine) and I checked the checksum.
So what else?

I am testing the memory (right now 65% passed).

> I have both a dvd and usb installer both images downloaded weeks  
> apart, which I have used on a number of machines and all worked  
> well, If I had a gripe with Fedora 18 it would be that it now takes  
> 5 seconds longer to boot than it did a month ago but it's clearly 40  
> seconds faster than booting Ubuntu.
> The installer just worked so well for me but I didn't need manual partitions.
> Isn't it a bit unfair to call the installer shit, suffice to say you  
> had problems, that doesn't make it bad. From my reading of lists, it  
> seems to have worked for goodness knows how many people and failed  
> for very few in comparison. And according to the devs it's still a  
> work in progress.
> I think it pays to remember that Fedora is bleeding edge and  
> problems are never resolved at this level of development.
> Roger
>> On Fri, 2013-03-01 at 22:11 +0100, Patrick Dupre wrote:
>>>> What's Your hardware? Have You sufficient amount of RAM? I wasn't
>>>> able install
>>>> F18 i686 on PC with 1.25GB RAM and symptoms was similar. x86_64
>>> version will
>>>> have even bigger requirements.
>>>> Due to it's memory requirements I consider F18 installer to be
>>> useless shit.
>>> Thank.
>>> I have 8 Go of RAM on x86_64 brand new machine. The hardware is a
>>> Z77-G41
>>> (MSI) with an i5
>>> It regular fails after the installation of 4 or 6 packages!!!
>> You can watch the installation in progress by switching to another
>> console (Ctrl-Shift-Fn) which log what Anaconda is doing. There are
>> several of these active at once (IIRC one of them even has a Shell), and
>> you might get a better idea of where the failure is happening.
>> poc
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