Check Updates option does no work for me in Software application

Temlakos temlakos at
Sat Mar 2 14:52:50 UTC 2013

On 03/02/2013 09:30 AM, Reindl Harald wrote:
> Am 02.03.2013 15:27, schrieb Aaron Konstam:
>> On Fri, 2013-03-01 at 08:57 -0600, Aaron Konstam wrote:
>>> The Check Updates option in the Software application does not work for
>>> me. It starts as expected reporting the number of updates. But it never
>>> reaches the install step and just keeps running without end.
>>> Does this work for other people? If so what is your trick to get it to
>>> work?
>> What I wanted to know if this works for others. I have not gotten any
>> response giving that information
> which indicates that the majority of all users avoid the
> grapical stuff and use always yum for good reasons

Not completely accurate. Check Updates in Apper works all the time for 
me. Sometimes Apper will hang, or delay-and-delay, /after/ the update is 

None of those GUI extenders issues commands like "yum clean metadata." 
So when I want to run an update on my own schedule, I issue that command 

The best part of a GUI: when you want to know what packages are 
available, you don't lose the first listing just because it has scrolled 
above your command-line prompt (xterm, Konsole, etc.) window. Instead 
you always know what's available, and can give orders for installation 
with a few clicks. Occasionally I use "yumex" for that view.

There has never been any "trick" to "making Check Updates work" in 
Apper. It has worked, straight-out-of-the-box, since KDE pushed it 
through to replace KPackageKit. I abandoned another third-party GUI, 
called "smart," once Apper became available and I saw how versatile it 
could be.

I respectfully suggest that neither Fedora nor any other distribution is 
ever going to gain any traction with greater numbers of users, should 
the community ever decide to abandon the GUI completely and use 
command-line applications (manually initiated, at that) for routine 
system maintenance.


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