grub2 cfg errors in 18

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Sun Mar 3 02:00:48 UTC 2013

Frank McCormick wrote:
> Still trying to discover the cause of errors being generated when grub2-mkconfig
> is run.
> Tne problem first surfaced after a new kernel during a recent update on Fedora
> 18. The error was something along the lines of "can't find a usable template" .
> So I tried to manually generate a grub.cfg file using grub2-mkconfig. It says
> there are errors in the generated file refers to a line about
> TBOOT..whatever that is.
> Can anyone offers suggestions ?
Maybe. I have been looking at this issue, and can at least give you a little 
information. The fedup generates a dubious boot file in /boot/grub2/grub.cfg, 
which contains both a SYSFONT= and KEYTABLE= options. Removing those will avoid 
the error messages but not make the update boot work.

I'm still working on this as I type, so I may have more later.

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