Check Updates option does no work for me in Software application

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Sun Mar 3 06:30:58 UTC 2013

Allegedly, on or about 02 March 2013, Temlakos sent:
> None of those GUI extenders issues commands like "yum clean metadata." 
> So when I want to run an update on my own schedule, I issue that command 
> first.

I've rarely ever had to do such a thing, and I certainly wouldn't bother
doing each time.  But then I don't go updating every day, so I'm
probably not fighting stale cached data.

> The best part of a GUI: when you want to know what packages are 
> available, you don't lose the first listing just because it has scrolled 
> above your command-line prompt (xterm, Konsole, etc.) window.

You can increase the buffer size of your console, so it is possible to
scroll further back.

> I respectfully suggest that neither Fedora nor any other distribution is 
> ever going to gain any traction with greater numbers of users, should 
> the community ever decide to abandon the GUI completely and use 
> command-line applications (manually initiated, at that) for routine 
> system maintenance.

That would seem the opposite of what actually happens.  The command line
was first, the GUI came next.  If anything's being abandoned, it's the
command line.  Leaving you with only GUIs to control some things, and
often inadequate GUIs, at that.

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