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Sun Mar 3 12:19:51 UTC 2013

On 03/02/2013 09:51 PM, Patrick Dupre wrote:
> Hello,
> I was thinking in making a bootable USB key for the installation.
> I read:
> There is instruction about creating partitions and install the .iso on one
> of them and make it bootable. The example is with a single partition:
> su -c "livecd-iso-to-disk --reset-mbr  
> Fedora-17-x86_64-Live-Desktop.iso /dev/sdX"
> I am surprise taht we could not make the same on a specific partition by
> making it bootable, like we do on a usual hardrive.
> UNetbootin or liveusb-creator do not seem to have this option.

not sure what you are wanting to make.

i had problems with 'liveusb-creator'.

so, i used 'UNetbootlin' to create a boot usb with sl6.3 liveDVD and,
it works great.

i partitioned a PNY 16G0 to;

   /dev/sdf1 = sl6.3 boot /
   /dev/sdf5 = ext3 for storage

works so well, i am getting another 16G0 usb stick for f18 leveDVD.

> Am I wrong?

about what?

> Thank.

much welcome.


peace out.



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