F18 Installation problem

Roger arelem at bigpond.com
Mon Mar 4 00:55:42 UTC 2013

On 03/04/2013 01:58 AM, Vinny Onelli wrote:
> Hello,
> I am try to install F18 on Dell Dimension 8300 containing 2 HD 120 GB
> for windows XP and 350 GB containing F17. I first tried to install F18
> from a downloaded iso file, it shows an error when select the 350 GB HD
> apparently it thing that there is not enough space, I intended to
> replace the existing F17 but there is not such choice. I also tried to
> install using the live dvd, but it shows the same problem.
> Help would be greatly appreciate, Thank you in advance. Vinny
Yes that's what is happening, Because fedora 17 is installed the 
installer cannot find any space for fedora 18 even though there may well 
be lots of space.
Unfortunately it won't overwrite another fedora and won't write to an 
empty formatted partition.
The only way I could get fedora 18 installed in a partition was to use 
my other hard drive which has fedora 16  and delete the empty partition 
on the other hard drive on which I wanted to install fedora 18.
I'm guessing you have LVM and it uses all available space. If so, the 
other option is to go thru the boring, convoluted and dangerous option 
of shrinking LVM partition. I never got game enough to tackle th

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