Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Mon Mar 4 16:08:57 UTC 2013

Am 04.03.2013 17:01, schrieb Patrick Dupre:
> I can say that it is definitively not good.
> My conclusion is that /lib /lib64 should be on the same partition as /
> IF not the installation fails. It would be good to document it
> if not already done.
> Hence, an upgrade from Fedora 16 to Fedora 18 with
> /lib on a different partiton as / will probably fails too.
> Could you document it if not done with the instructions to such an upgrade

who does this these days and for what reason?

it makes pretty no sense on a OS with a RPM database spread
/, /usr and /var/lib over different partitions or disks because
you can not really live without one of them

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