System doesn't shut down properly under Fedora-18

Rick Stevens ricks at
Wed Mar 6 17:44:51 UTC 2013

On 03/06/2013 09:35 AM, Tom Horsley issued this missive:
> On Wed, 06 Mar 2013 09:15:36 -0800
> Jonathan Ryshpan wrote:
>>        * I click Shut Down, using KDE
> I've never been able to figure out what the heck
> the different GUI versions of shutdown actually do, they
> often seem broken for some reason. Try typing this
> in a terminal instead:
> sudo shutdown -h now
> If that doesn't shutdown, then there is a real
> shutdown problem, otherwise there is a KDE
> problem.

The shutdown app in the various desktops should perform clean logouts
from the desktop first (e.g. save current layout, save current session,
etc.), then actually run the shutdown command. The one I have in XFCE
does the job fairly well.

On one machine, I do occasionally have issues with the window manager
not starting properly on a reboot but I suspect that's another issue.
That machine has been upgraded from F14 through F17 and there's still
cruft left over from those older OS versions. Methinks it sometimes gets
confused...much like its owner. :-)
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