Joe Zeff joe at zeff.us
Thu Mar 7 20:00:47 UTC 2013

On 03/07/2013 11:32 AM, Tethys wrote:
> If you create a PDF from a given input source, then it goes without
> saying that it will only be able to position the characters in the
> same position as they are in the input. If the input supports
> per-character positioning (as most Adobe products do, FWIW), then that
> will be reflected in the PDF. If they don't, it won't.

I'm not saying that Adobe can't do that, just that it doesn't by default 
and Scribus does.  And, who's to say that Adobe's wrong, as most people 
neither need nor want that much control.  I just thought you might be 
interested in knowing about it.

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