make that wmv (WAS Re: is there a way to convert an mp4 video to wav in Fedora - and I have a very old Fedora 13)

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Thu Mar 7 22:16:09 UTC 2013

Am 07.03.2013 23:08, schrieb Darlene Wallach:
>> the last supported version is F17
>> you would need ffmpeg
> I have:
> Installed Packages
> ffmpeg.i686                  0.6-3.fc13                  @rpmfusion-free-updates

and nobody of the ffmpeg developers wil give
you any support for this stone old version

>> but you are at your own because you do not care
>> to hold your OS in a supported state for years
> I need my laptop for work and I need LaTeX - I heard there were issues
> with TeXLive so have held off installing newer Fedoras - have also
> heard of difficulties with the Anaconda installer

so install CentOS and hope someone is baking you
a recent ffmpeg for it or try to build ffmpeg at
your own

F13 is not supported since years

if you install Fedora you know since forever that there
is all 6 months a new version and no support for longer
than a year - so what do you expect?

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